Why buy authentic furniture? 5 facts why replicas are wrong.
1. THE WORD ‘REPLICA’ CONFUSES CONSUMERS Consumers think the replica is connected to the original designer or licensed brand. ‘Replica’ is mistaken for a trend – like ‘vintage’ or ‘industrial.’ It’s time to get real – replica is fake. Replica is design theft. 2. DESIGNERS EARN INCOME FROM ROYALTIES Industrial designers and furniture designers work in small studios or as designer-makers. Design theft robs them of a rightful income – royalties, a small percentage of net sales. They can’t afford

Georgina Reid

Georgina Reid is a Sydney based landscape designer and writer who grew up on a farm in Orange in central New South Wales, Australia. From a young age, Reid would help out in the garden. Unable to remember a time when she wasn’t into plants, Reid began studying landscape design in 2004 and has worked as a designer and communicator ever since.

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