Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf

“If you’re not always looking at things and looking at them differently, with an overall curiosity, you’re no longer a designer.”

– Don Chadwick

Chadwick and his wife spend much of their time visiting art galleries or prospecting new restaurants in Los Angeles, as well as abroad. An avid documentarian, he seldom travels without his camera. His current favourite, a Sony RX100M3. He says of his photography, “I tend to look at everything. If it has some particular visual interest, I don’t mind recording it. It doesn’t have to be pretty, either.”


Designcraft have successfully completed many projects over the past 25 years. These projects include loose furniture, workstation/office furniture, storage, lighting and accessories. Our client base include residential clients, government, corporate, hospitality and commercial institutions situated locally in Canberra, nationally and overseas. Here we showcase a few key projects.

Arne Jacobsen

Design visionary and creator of the Egg, Swan, Series 7, the Ant and the Drop, among others.

As a child growing up in Copenhagen, it’s said that Arne Jacobsen painted over the Victorian wallpaper in his bedroom. Young Arne didn’t cover his walls with typical childish drawings or paint the ornate wallpaper boyish blue – he decided to paint his room entirely white.

This decision may seem typical today, but in the early twentieth century white walls were not yet in fashion. From the very beginning, Arne Jacobsen was ahead of his time. 

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