Derlot Logo

Derlot is a contemporary furniture brand operating from Brisbane, Australia.

Defined by a competitive focus on balancing versatility and functionality with an aesthetic that is unashamedly bold. Originating within a multi-disciplinary design studio, they pride themselves on leveraging design and the expertise of local makers to create original solutions.

Good design starts with a conversation. A decade of close collaboration with distributors and clients, both national and international, allows an innate understanding of modern spaces. This dialogue has enabled Derlot to establish a portfolio of modular furniture systems that can scale and adapt to suit most environments.

When opportunities for bespoke design and customisation are presented, Derlot's team of dedicated designers draw upon their experience to generate effective product innovations. Alongside an established product offering, these tailored design solutions maintain Derlot’s presence as an all-encompassing furniture and lighting brand.

Homework Modular Collection by Derlot