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Puffalo Universal Group by Didier


Puffalo Universal Group designed by Ross Didier

After the successful launch of the Puffalo lounging range, Ross Didier has extended the collection and created a major new modular program called the Puffalo Universal Group. 

The luxurious Puffalo lounges were instantly embraced by the residential design community who appreciate its curvaceous details, voluptuous shaping and congenial yet formal aesthetic. These lounges are hand-made with the highest quality materials to offer a distinctive seating experience with sumptuous support, deluxe comfort and long lasting durability for life.

Interest in extending the range to create more relaxed workspace and collective environments was met with the development of the new Puffalo Universal Group.

This significant and ambitious new project provides designers and specifiers with an unlimited palette of combinations to configure unique interior landscapes in the spirit of the original Puffalo design.

With the increasing importance of creating interiors able to pivot to new circumstances, Puffalo Universal is a timely contribution to the future of interior architecture. With this range, Didier has acknowledged both the fluidity of modern spaces and the ever-increasing importance of sustainable design.


 Didier Puffalo Universal GroupDidier Puffalo Universal Group

Puffalo Universal offers a range of compact, linking, modular pieces that brings a softer and more human-centric approach to non-residential interiors and includes free standing sofas and back-desking at several heights, ottomans, tablet tables and a range of dividing screens in both curved and linear form.

Voluptuous shaping of the Universal Group creates an ergonomic comfort that is unique within contract seating and provides premium support across a very wide range of people to serve multiple industries.

“I wanted to fabricate this seating so you could not feel the internal hard framing which is rare’, said Didier. “A good seating experience should provide a valued sensation whether you are conscious of it or not.”

Puffalo Universal Group allows designers to freely customise distinctive configurations and play with materials, colours and timber finishes.

The depth and breadth of the range allows for consistent design handwriting throughout large interior projects while allowing for totally different looks in every space.

“The intended design was to create an inviting, relaxed, and open residential spirit into the atmosphere that can drift into workspace and public environments. I like the idea of furniture being able to help enrich conversation and spark the imagination, and I like the idea that modular furniture can be enjoyable to build like Lego.says Didier.

“While the modules create aesthetically exciting combinations, we also ensured the range celebrates functional needs,” he said.

Power and data can be easily integrated throughout the modules, desking complements the shaped configurations, higher back seating and free-standing screens serve as both privacy and effective sound insulators, and all joining componentry allow the ease of change and future adaptability.

In an era where workplace changes can happen swiftly, the collection can be joined-together then reconfigured without any specialist skills or tools.

“Designers will be able to extend their creative capacity by easily customising configurations with colours, patterns and textures to fit the design message they want to express,” said Didier.


Puffalo Universal Group designed by Ross DidierPuffalo Universal Group designed by Ross Didier

Individual pieces in the collection include :

*  sofa modules with low, mid and high back support

*  ottoman modules

*  side tablet tables

*  back-desking modules for table, mid-bar and high-bar seating

*  dividing screens in straight and curved at low, medium and high




Puffalo Universal Group designed by Ross DidierPuffalo Universal Group designed by Ross Didier

Made in Melbourne and endlessly adaptable, this versatile furniture collection offers boundless inspiration for creating interior landscapes from the largest communal environments to the smallest private pods, allowing designers to freely tailor distinctive configurations and play with fabrics, colours, materials, and timber finishes.

Puffalo Universal Group was successfully launched during the Super Design Festival Nov 2020. Watch the Collection launch and designer Ross Didier introducing these new designs.


Endless configurations available to suit every function and space.





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