About A Lounge Chair AAL82 / AAL92

Designed by
Hee Welling

Product Category:

Seating - Lounge Chairs

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The many colour, upholstery and frame options are a particularly strong feature that allows you to tweak the design without compromising the basic concept. The high-backed About a Chair has a majestic aura in this version with a steam-bent frame that is accented by the slightly more open shell. While the lower version has a more intimate expression, the high-backed version is more spacious.

Both the high and the low versions come with the same minimalist wooden frame, which gives the chair a slightly more angular expression than the round wooden legs. However, regardless which legs you choose, About a Lounge Chair is a comfortable and functional seating sculpture with its high or low back, where the stitching contributes to a graphic expression that appears subtle or striking, depending on your choice of upholstery.


AAL82 - WOODEN LEGS LOW: 760mm W x 730mm D x 820mm H - Seat Height 360mm

AAL92 - WOODEN LEGS HIGH / SOFT: 880mm W x 820mm D x 1010mm H - Seat Height 320mm

Fabric or leather upholstery