Head Office Mono Desk Range

Designed by
Wolfgang C. R. Mezger

Product Category:

Desks - Executive

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Desks and conference tables: Surfaces: veneered or painted. Table top and sides are connected using mitered joints. Thickness of top: 58 mm. Meeting tables Table tops: Surfaces: veneered or painted. Thickness of top: 48 mm or 58 mm. Column leg and base plate: Chrome-plated steel with a brushed matt finish. Container, Sideboards, Highboards: Doors and drawers Doors and drawers can be opened with a touch function, without handles. The concept of the Headoffice Mono executive and conference range - Desk top and side, horizontal and vertical form a homogeneous structure. Balanced geometry: the right angle made by the slab end and table top seems to float above the setback volume of the unit below. An optional sliding leather panel can be used to access different media.


Available in various sizes, shapes and configurations.