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Catherine Martin

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Accessories - Rugs

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Deco Collection Hand knotted from Tibetan wool and silk, the colour palette - which includes exquisite combinations such as steel blue, amethyst and champagne, alongside dark chocolate, topaz and tobacco - are as subtle as they are sumptuous…evoking both a magical nostalgia and sophisticated modernism in equal measure. Leading Australian manufacturer, Designer Rugs, is proud to announce the launch of the Catherine Martin Deco Collection, an exquisite range of hand knotted rugs. The Catherine Martin Deco Collection is the second range created in collaboration with this Academy Award winning designer and multi-skilled visionary who, on this occasion, has crafted a superb series of five designs, each of which pays homage to the romance of the unique period that is Art Deco, while remaining imbued with a fantastical quality of their own that is undeniably the signature of Catherine Martin herself.


The Catherine Martin Deco Collection features four designs at a (standard) size of 2400mm x 3000mm and a fifth design at 2400mm x 2400mm. All designs can be custom sized and custom coloured to suit.