Coco Flip are a purposefully small Melbourne based design studio supporting local manufacturing. 

Founded by Kate Stokes and Haslett Grounds in 2010, Coco Flip is an Australian brand, built on its nurtured relationships with talented crafts-people who share their ethos of patience and dedication to detail. Together, Coco Flip create furniture and lighting products with personality that last a lifetime. 

Starting from a place of curiosity, each piece begins with a seemingly simple thought or idea. Whether it’s working with a unique material or trying to imbue a specific personality into furniture, Kate and Haslett enjoy working thoughtfully through the inevitable challenges that come with producing true quality.

Each Coco Flip piece is designed sustainably, one at a time, and then produced in limited quantities. 

Coco Flip are honoured to see their pieces in the homes of those who share their appreciation of Australian design.

Coco Flip Furniture and Lighting Collection available at designcraft Canberra