Scape Collection by Tait




Reminiscent of flowing rock formations, Scape elicits a soft, organic design language - nurturing a more humanised connection to our vital public spaces and common areas. Nesting adjacently to one another, the modules reference the uninhibited nature of rocky landscapes. Scape’s earthy and wholesome curves offer an inviting sense of warmth, tactility, communal sensibility, and kind-of intangible ‘friendliness’. Scape gravitates people toward it - subsequently drawing activation to the spaces it inhabits.

“I have fond memories as a kid - playing on the elephant-like boulders in the crystalline blue and powdery white sandy coves of Western Australia’s south coast. Scape reminds me of this idea, the wonder of these rock masses and how they’ve been worn and weathered by waves endlessly washing over them… I also grew up surfing the South-West coast and always remember these beautiful, smooth rock masses in a lot of the bays we surfed. We would set up camp between the boulders sheltering from the sun and the Sou Wester.” ADAM GOODRUM, DESIGNER

Offering adaptability as to how it’s used, where it’s used and its aesthetic, Scape breathes new life into the way we interact with public spaces and common areas. En masse, the system takes on distinct needs-supporting ecosystems. Various scenarios and outcomes may be achieved by customising the configuration of the modules, these scenarios may then be fine-tuned with the addition or subtraction of componentry such as tables, backrests, canopies, planters and side tables. Scape’s canopy and side table feature smooth, 360° swivel functionality, allowing users to adjust them to their preference. Scape may provide a nurturing and rejuvenating environment for people to disconnect and de-stress or create a bustling social hub in a workplace café.

Scape is suited to a variety of applications across public realm, corporate, education, hospitality, health, multi-residential and residential. Engineered with high-performance materials to achieve maximal levels of durability and longevity, Scape is suited for both harsh environmental or coastal conditions - as well as high traffic applications.