A Guide to Setting up your Home Office



With many of the workforce working from home, below are some tips to help get your home office set up.


1. A good seat is the start

All high-performance work chairs by Herman Miller have the following features;

  • Height adjustable
  • Sacral & Lumbar support
  • Tilt limiter back adjustment
  • Backrest support
  • Seat depth adjustable
  • A curved, “waterfall” front
  • Adjustable arms
  • A five-star base on castors suitable to your office flooring
  • 12 year 3 shift warranty

designcraft has a wide range of quality high-performance work chairs by well-known brand Herman Miller.

Below are links to some of our INSTOCK work chairs by Herman Miller

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Other performance seating options, currently on a longer leadtime.

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Herman Miller Performance Work Chairs
From L-R: Aeron, Mirra 2, Cosm, Embody, Sayl, Lino Work Chair.

2. Make your chair work for you

Every body is different and so is every chair. Make sure your chair is adjusted to suit you and your workspace. And re-adjust frequently.

  • Ensure you’re seated so the small of your back is supported by the backrest
  • Ensure the seat pan is flat or sloping upwards at the front.
  • Ensure your knees are 90 degrees and your feet are comfortably flat on the floor
  • Use a footrest if needed
  • If you have a sit to stand desk, adjust that to suit as well
  • WATCH the task seating adjustment videos here or view the PDF instructional guides to learn how best to adjust your chair

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3. Sit or Stand if you can

Investing in a sit-to-stand desk is an investment you won’t regret. Having the ability to adjust your desk height is good for you and anyone who may share your desk now or in the future (partner, kids etc). A manual crank is good, but electric height adjustable is even better. Just make sure it suits your work equipment (weight rating) and you know how to work it.  SHOP Home Office Desking

Mirra 2 Work Chair
Mirra 2 work chair, eames wire base table, Eames Walnut stool, AGL table.

4. Lighting is important

Where possible position your work desk in front of the window allowing good natural light to evenly cover your work area. Use curtains to control the light if it is abundant, or if you need extra light to invest in a task light. SHOP Desk Lamps 

5. Make space for your work

Use a monitor arm to bring your monitor/s up off your work desk and to position your monitor correctly within your eye-line. See Flo Monitor Arms With spring Technology Flo’s patented geometric spring technology and dynamic fingertip control provide an unmatched range and ease of movement up, down, forward, backward, tilted, and rotated to suit your needs. Highly Adjustable Flo has a 335mm height-adjustment range, a 525mm extension range, and a +/- 40-degree tilt range.

Position everything close within a comfortable arm’s reach (eg mouse, keyboard, phone, notepad etc).

SHOP Monitor Arms


6. Make use of storage

Use a mobile caddy, mobile pedestal, or bookshelves to store all your work-related items. Keep your work area tidy and clean and you’ll find you’ll be more productive.  SHOP Home Office Storage 

7. Take regular breaks

Working remotely at home, you can lose track of time and miss those welcomed office breaks/interruptions you had in the office. Remember to move, stretch and change positions frequently. Perhaps stand when you take a phone call or take a walk every hour or so to give your body and your eyes a much-needed break.

Mirra 2 work chair
Mirra 2 chair and  2 x Eames Moulded wood side chairs (DSWR), Carafe table and Nelson Bubble pendant.


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