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Fable outdoor collection designed by Ross Didier, Fable Outside by Didier, Fable Aluminium version


There’s no better time to look to Australian design.

Support local jobs and Australian talent by sourcing locally.

With sunnier days on the way, get ready for warmer weather with Outdoor Furniture by Australian brand Didier.


FABLE Oak Collection

Simplicity is the pinnacle of the long, arduous journey, not the beginning.

The Fable collection began with the basic utensils and furnishings necessary for a pleasantly self-sufficient life in the woods: a chair, stool, table, bowl, spoon and storage cabinet.

More recent chapters in the FABLE line include high stools, armchairs, lounge chairs, an open bookshelf and mirrors. view Fable Collection


FABLE Oak Collection


FABLE Outside Collection

In an inspired retelling the FABLE Outside range is carefully re-imagined for the great outdoors.

Resilient aluminium, hardy stainless steel and sand cast forms are expertly crafted by hand and machine, to ensure that each piece faithfully retains the pleasing proportions and personality of the initial range.

With a complete family of chairs, stools, bar and dining tables available in confident powder-coated hues, bring sophisticated simplicity to your world with Fable. view Fable Collection

FABLE Outside CollectionFABLE Outside Collection

PUFFALO Lounging Collection

Puffalo is perfect for the now grown-up slacker generation who just love to be close to the ground. It might bring back memories of lazy afternoons playing records, flicking through magazines and just doing ......whatever.

The Puffalo range includes twenty individual modules to offer a high level of flexibility and individual customisation. view Puffalo Collection

Puffalo Lounging Collection


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