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Designed by
Ernst and Jensen

Product Category:

Seating - Sofas

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In Duplo is a brilliant sofa series by the design duo Ernst & Jensen. The series includes three different sofa versions, each incarnating a unique story and revolving around the axis of retro aesthetics. In Duplo Low is cool, laid-back nostalgia – so cool, in fact, that In Duplo received Wallpaper’s Design Award in 2011. In Duplo High seems more grown up – like a patient parent dealing with an inquisitive teenager – calmer, more mature.

But despite this mature expression, In Duplo High still has edge and nerve, which is underscored by its upholstery. In Duplo Extra High almost evokes the sound of a chugging steam train when you take a seat. Like a time capsule, the tall back shields your body, creating a calm zone for a time-out. The In Duplo series flirts with the past but defines the present as part of the future – like an unscratched gramophone record in digital surround sound.


Width / Depth / Height EJ180-2: 1500mm / 850mm / 675mm EJ180-3: 2250mm / 850mm / 675mm EJ185-2: 1250mm / 780mm / 930mm EJ185-3: 1875mm / 780mm / 930mm EJ185-2-D: 1375mm / 780mm / 1230mm EJ185-3-D: 1875mm / 780mm / 1230mm EJ188 Ottoman: 500mm / 365mm

Lead time
16+ weeks
Fabric or leather upholstery