About A Lounge Chair AAL81 / AAL91

Designed by
Hee Welling

Product Category:

Seating - Lounge Chairs

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The swivel base version of About a Lounge Chair has the same compact body, but the light metal frame gives the chair a more contemporary expression, as if the rounded, curvy and warm is energised when it is combined with the cold, industrial frame. The high-backed version of About a Lounge Chair has a more formal expression, although the visual point of gravity appears to have shifted slightly.

The body of the chair dominates the design without seeming out of proportion - in fact, the effect is rather the opposite: It makes About a Lounge Chair seem more welcoming. The high-backed shell has a lighter feel, which is emphasised by the low swivel base. The high and low-backed versions of About a Lounge Chair have a swivel base and offer the same great seating comfort, strong signature expression and perfectly balanced proportions. 


AAL81 - SWIVEL BASE LOW: Optional seat cushion available

AAL91 - SWIVEL BASE HIGH Including seat cushion

Shell: Hard moulded polyurethane foam, Upholstered in Steelcut Trio, Steelcut, Remix, Divina Melange, Divina MD, Hallingda, Canvas, Leather Sierra. 

Base: Cast aluminium, polished or powder coated black or white 



AAL81: 760mmW x 730mmD x 810mmH, 360mmSH

AAL91: 840mmW x 820mmD x 1010mmH, 360mmSH

Lead time
12-16 weeks
Good to know
- 2-year warranty
Fabric or leather upholstery