Element Fire Pit by Tait
Element Fire Pit by Tait

Element Fire Pit

Designed by
Adam Goodrum

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A striking, architectural-inspired fire pit constructed of three interlocking blades of cantilevered mild steel. With a black matte finish and a clean masculine profile, Element is a sculptural icon set to enhance any outdoor space, even when not in use.

As exposed to direct fire, Element will continually mature and its coating weather to give a unique rusted finish. Carefully considered, Element can be easily disassembled and compactly stored.


Materials: 4mm thick mild steel. Finishes: Finished with a heat-resistant coating of Pot Belly Black 


SAFETY: Element must cool down fully before any attempt is made to touch or move the item. Care must also be taken when lifting due to weight.


NOTES: Exposed to direct fire, Element will continually mature and its coating weather with age, delivering a unique rusted finish. Due to rust and the very nature of Element, heat-resistant ground surfaces such as gravel, sand or earth 


800mm W x 725mm D x 200mm H Weight: 20 Kg

Lead time
6-8 weeks
Good to know
- 5-year warranty
- Made in Australia (Melbourne)
- Product made using a process or in a location that is associated with a lower environmental impact, or with a supply chain that has a lower environmental footprint.
- Product made from sustainably sourced materials with a lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives.
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