Locale workstation designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, Local workstation by Herman Miller


Designed by
Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Product Category:

Collaborative - Desking
Desks - Workstations

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Locale helps organizations utilise and manage open office plans with a system that enables people to seamlessly transition
between working together and alone, and in seated or standing postures. By removing visual and physical obstacles and condensing the architectural scale of an open office plan into a tightly knit neighbourhood, Locale helps people stay better connected to their work and to each other.

Locale’s curved, height-adjustable surfaces signal openness, invite interaction, and generously accommodate multiple collaborators, work styles, postures, and tools. Minimal table legs foster unobstructed transitions between individual and group work, allowing people to gather and disperse with ease. Mobile elements, including tables, screens, and easels, provide flexibility for workers to create at the desk and display within the team.

Linear, low, and architectonic, the horizontal Workbase provides a unifying core for each Locale neighborhood. Power and mechanics are housed, out of sight, within the Workbase, creating an elegant aesthetic. A pattern of vertical detail establishes the visual continuity between modular elements.


Various configurations - refer to Locale brochure.

Lead time
12-16 weeks
Good to know
The design was also informed by the idea of a thriving English high street, which serves the community and the broader city simply by arranging a variety of local activities and services in proximity to one another.