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Kivo screen

Designed by
Herman Miller

Product Category:

Accessories - Space Dividers

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Kivo transforms the workplace into a flexible canvas on which to expand or adapt. The combination of a lightweight steel skeleton and simple magnetic tiles allows the system to be moved and reconfigured with ease. As required, different areas can be designed and redesigned over and over again. Kivo is made to simply move and adapt when floor plans change. It’s an approach that is driven by the evolving workplace.

Kivo has the ability to create different spaces across the office floor. Each new area is functional and appropriate to any intended task – the lightweight free-standing system can simply delineate an area or repurpose it for something completely new. It’s left to the designer to be as creative as they wish, suggesting areas that have many possible functions – one system with multiple variations. Integral to this creativity is Kivo’s shape – the equilateral triangle – chosen for its strength, versatility and visual simplicity.


22 panels 

Triangle panels are 26.5 cm x 26.5cm by 26.5 cm 

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